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SHOP SCS is a program sponsored by Market America that will pay yourself and our school for shopping!  Here’s How It Works:

Market America has provided a web portal for SCS. This portal gives access to over 3,000 partner stores (like Home Depot, Walmart, Sears, Macy’s, Best Buy, Staples, American Eagle) as well as over 2,500 Market America branded products and services (like cleaning supplies, cosmetics, websites, telecommunications). SCS earns cash on a weekly and monthly basis based upon how much our supporters shop through our portal.

IN ADDITION to the cash earned by SCS, YOU can earn up to 35% CASH BACK on any purchases made through the SHOP SCS web portal. You can also earn .5% CASH BACK on the purchases made by any customer you REFER to the SHOP SCS web portal. (Of course they will also get up to 35% CASH BACK for using the portal.) SO TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO SIGN UP TOO!

You can now get paid to shop at the places your are already shopping at!

Here’s What To Do:


Click on the SHOP SCS link at the top of this page.


Sign Up as a preferred customer. You will receive a username and password.


Sign In with your username and password and start shopping!

Can We Double Dip using the school's T.R.I.P. program?

ABSOLUTELY! We encourage that! If you purchase gift cards through our T.R.I.P. program, you should be able to use them at MOST of the stores you shop at through SHOP SCS. Each store has their own rules about gift cards, so please check the store’s website before you shop! By using both the TRIP and SHOP SCS programs, both YOU and SCS will get T.R.I.P. credit in addition to the SHOP SCS credit! Double’s a beautiful thing!

Please note that once you are redirected to the store’s website, the transaction is between you and the store, just as though you had logged into their website to shop (i.e., if you are shopping at, your Staples Rewards still apply.)

By choosing the link to SHOP SCS, you will be taken to another Web site where the privacy and security policies may differ from our site. SCS has no control over the products, services and content on that Web site.